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3 Gaming Software Tools for Online Learners

3 Gaming Software Tools for Online Learners
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Gaming software tools are designed to increase learner engagement and productivity by incorporating gaming elements into the training strategy. Here are 3 game-based learning platforms, with excellent features and templates for online learners to indulge in.  


EdApp is a great gaming software tool for online learners that integrates different engagement elements to help you increase course completion rates while ensuring an effective learning experience for your learners. It enables online learners to finish courses in only a few minutes. Learners can use this tool in tandem with gamification, which turns common training materials into light-hearted smartphone games so that it doesn’t feel like performing another assignment for work. 

Moreover, EdApp has an integrated writing tool with interactive templates like true or false, image/word match, and letter jumble. Additionally, it offers a scoring system and gamification-based rewards where students may earn Stars and receive genuine rewards (like Amazon gift cards or discount coupons). There is also a choice to export each learner’s Achievements so that internal recognition of top performers and learning milestones may occur. As a result, learners become intrinsically motivated, which boosts engagement and improves learning habits. 


Kahoot! is another popular gaming software tool for online learners. Learning becomes powerful when it’s gamified. Making use of Kahoot! features can help you make your modules, courses, training, or even a little workshop more interesting. 

Kahoot! combines aesthetically pleasing gamification components as a fantastic online quiz creator and game platform for online learners to increase interest and guarantee greater completion rates. With interactive tests and activities, which are “Kahoots,” students can access these through a web browser or a mobile app. The best aspect is that they may all be answered simultaneously by a group of “players” using any video conferencing platform, shown on a shared screen. Alternately, you may configure Kahoots as a task that each team member must complete independently and asynchronously. This platform also provides trainers with reporting and analytics, for sharing constant feedback for any knowledge gaps. 


The game-based learning platform and LMS platform Gametize helps in improving the onboarding and upskilling training experiences. By selecting from a vast library of game templates that are under project categories like employee engagement, learning and development, talent acquisition, and many more, you can quickly and simply create your own material with this tool. Flashcards, tests, and interactive challenges may all increase training completion rates and engagement. Similar to other gamification tools, Gametize encourages healthy competition among teams by using leaderboards, badges, and awards. This application also has the added benefits of player moderating, team cooperation, and outcomes monitoring and analytics. 


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