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4 Myths of Moving from Traditional to Modern BI

4 Myths of Moving from Traditional to Modern BI
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The shift from traditional to modern business intelligence is essential for businesses to meet modern demands. It can be a complicated process and you may find yourself confused about where to start. 

Many businesses are not able to transition from traditional to modern BI because of some myths they consider to be true.

Myths of moving from traditional to modern BI

Here are some myths to debunk when making your decision to move to modern BI. 

1. Modern BI and traditional BI platforms are similar

Fact: What would be the need to shift if both the platforms were similar? Though both the platforms help you reach the same destination, the journeys are way different. Modern BI has a different process and efficiency when compared to traditional BI.  

When buying modern BI tools, you need to consider:

  • If the platform is user-friendly and users can find answers easily
  • If the platform can scale easily when required
  • If it contains transparent licensing options
  • The role of the IT team in the process of getting data insights
  • If the vendors need to be trained
  • If the vendors can successfully fix the technical issues 

2. Transition to modern BI is too complicated

The transition to modern BI can be a meticulous process but it is not too complicated. You may face some roadblocks or speed bumps but it can be done with ease when you have the right partner. They can help you make this process easier and have a smooth transition process with their skills and expertise.

The right team of experienced data scientists can help you get past all the roadblocks and achieve a successful transition. 

3. Traditional BI has all the data exploration and visual analysis features

Many traditional BI tools have old processes that require manual intervention to achieve accurate visualization. Simple processes like adjusting, adding or deleting things can only be done by the IT team which can delay visualization and affect its accuracy. The modern BI solutions have smarter tools with quick and unlimited self-service data exploration capabilities. This means the modern BI doesn’t require human intervention or dependency on the IT team. It can help you explore unexplored insights using AI-driven features. 

4. The shift to Modern BI is not justified

Your anxiety about investing time and money in transitioning to modern BI may be convincing you to think that the shift is not justified. But, it is not true. Modern BI tools have greater capabilities that can help transform your business. You can get faster results when you put these tools to use with the right strategies. The decision-making abilities get quicker and better with the new insights offered by modern BI. When you choose the right partner for the transition, you can gain many advantages with a smooth transition and beyond.

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