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6 European Restaurants with a Blend of Food and Art

6 European Restaurants with a Blend of Food and Art
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Throughout the continent, one can experience fine dining and great culinary affair at exquisite British and European restaurants pairing food with art. Here are 6 stunning restaurants that offer more than just food menus. Discover incredible art alongside the cuisine.  

1. Kronenhalle – Zurich, Switzerland

The Kronenhalle has welcomed guests since 1924 to savor its exquisite regional food and unrivalled atmosphere that honors heritage. It is the perfect place for a filling lunch because it is tucked away in the center of Zurich. However, the Kronenhalle’s remarkable art collection is what attracts most visitors. Gustav Zumsteg, a fashion-conscious individual, started donating pieces from his own collection to the Kronenhalle in the 1940s. Overall, it is an enthralling experience! 

2. La Colombe d’Or – Saint-Paul-De-Vence, France

There simply had to be a restaurant from the South of France on this list. La Colombe d’Or became a haven for artists who moved to the area during both world wars once it opened its doors in 1931. The renowned individuals whose works presently decorate the walls here are Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, and Joan Miró. If you stop by for lunch, be sure to take a stroll outdoors as well to admire the lovely Fernand Léger mosaic and the large Alexander Calder stabile that stands watch over the pool. 

3. The Connaught Hotel -Mayfair, London

This elegant restaurant is on the first floor of The Connaught Hotel in Mayfair. The menu and table setting have served as inspiration for interior designer Pierre Yovanovitch of Paris, who prioritizes quality in all aspects of his work. The two distinctive Damien Hirst paintings that The Connaught commissioned stand out nicely against the warm, rich colors of the furnishings and walls. Additionally, the symmetrical butterfly photos are understated yet powerful. Every time you visit this three-Michelin-star restaurant, you will be impressed. 

4. Le Gavroche – London

Known as ‘the last bastion in London of classically rich French haute cuisine,’ the first restaurant in the UK to receive one, two, and three Michelin stars was Le Gavroche. The artwork on the walls is similarly remarkable, featuring works by artists like Salvador Dal, Joan Miró, and Pablo Picasso. Even though the dining experience is a tad retro, the unswerving dedication to tradition is endearing. 

5. Scott’s – London

Looking for a remarkable and private location to organize a unique event? With 18 priceless works of art and opulent interior decor, Scott’s new ground-floor private room is the most expensive restaurant interior in the entire world. The Platinum Arowana, one of the rarest and most distinctive fish in the world, inspired the name of the chamber. Paintings by Marc Chagall, Joan Miró, Émile Bernard, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir adorn the walls, and the space is lit by a Lalanne lamp. 

5. Sexy Fish – London

Sexy Fish is a lavish Asian restaurant with aquatic-themed pieces of art by Damien Hirst and architect Frank Gehry. It is in Berkeley Square in Mayfair. It was created to resemble a mid-century brasserie, but with a twist: four-meter-tall, mirrored crocodiles by Gehry tower over bronze mermaids by Hirst. Fish, shellfish, seafood, and sushi are heavily emphasized on the menu, and a delicious drink list is offered all day long. It is also worth noting that the bar is home to the largest Japanese whisky collection in the world.

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