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8 Exquisite Travel Blogs to Have an Immersive Reading Experience

8 Exquisite Travel Blogs to Have an Immersive Reading Experience
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Are you looking for some inspiration for your next trip? When it comes to finding travel resources, exciting travel tips, or detailed destination guides, travel blogs are a treasure chest of knowledge for those who seek adventure. Out there are thousands of travel blogs to pick from, covering everything from budget travel to luxury travel, solo travel to family travel. Here’s a list of 8 exquisite travel blogs to follow in 2024.

1. Wandering Earl

Derek Earl Baron, a seasoned traveler, documents his adventures in Wandering Earl, a popular travel site among other bloggers. He left the US in 1999 to travel around Southeast Asia for three months after graduating, and he hasn’t returned since. Derek has over 20 years of experience and has lived, worked, volunteered, and travels all around the world. In 2012, he founded Wandering Earl Tours, a travel agency. This company organizes small-group tours that support local small businesses and give visitors real experiences by putting them in touch with residents.

2. Against The Compass

Spanish-born Joan Torres, the founder of Against The Compass, started the website as a way to encourage people to travel to less-traveled locations. By sharing his thrilling adventure travel experiences in nations like Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, he hopes to dispel preconceptions. For intrepid travelers looking for an adventure outside of their comfort zone, this is one of the best travel blogs.

3. The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten Rich left her job in corporate wealth management in the summer of 2011 to travel for three months across Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bali, and New Zealand. She has a solid reputation in the community of lone female travelers bloggers after ten years. Kiersten now manages her company with the assistance of a six-person, all-female staff. Her company generates income through a number of channels, including the creation of digital content, social media marketing, and all-female travel excursions.

4. Digital Nomad Wannabe

The author of Digital Nomad Wannabe is not your typical singleton. It was written by Sharon, a mother who decided to start building her profession as a digital nomad after having a spouse and children. In less than ten years, she was able to travel to more than 90 different countries because to the affiliate marketing money she was able to produce.

5. Another Escape

Another Escape blog struck the mark with its online magazine website. It contains captivating and genuine travel experiences and also breathtaking photos of the outdoors all around the world. The goal is to generate high-quality outdoor lifestyle content. The website’s minimalist layout and white space allow the captivating trip narrative and photographs to emerge and shine. 

6. Charlie on Travel

Charlie Marchant is a UK-based travel blogger who runs the website Charlie on Travel. She and her spouse Luke are proponents of eco-aware, sustainable, and leisurely travel. For individuals who also want to travel more responsibly, they offer sustainable travel guides, green travel guides, and home sitting guidance.

7. Ckanani

Ckanani is a blog about luxurious lifestyle with a nostalgic, romantic vibe. The website strives to bring visitors closer to the places it covers and offers alluring photographs. It also includes travel news, how-to articles on more complex luxury living issues. Also offers suggestions for tourists who demand nothing but the finest when travelling!

8. Indie Traveller

Indie Traveller is a great example of a travel blog that keeps its distinctive personality without sacrificing the value of the content. Moreover, it has a clear and colorful layout, water-colored headers, a well-organized structure, and a ton of well-written travel recommendations. 

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