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8 Popular Languages to Learn in 2024

8 Popular Languages to Learn in 2024
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Learning a new language will help you gain better cognitive skills, connect with locals while traveling, expand your opportunities and broaden your horizons to work and study abroad. But with so many choices at hand, which language is the best language for you to learn? 

Each language is unique and has its own cultural and linguistic value, it’s also worth noting that learning a new language includes a lot of work and effort. Here are the 8 most popular languages you can take up in 2024.  

Mandarin Chinese 

One of the most extensively used first languages in the world, Mandarin Chinese is the only official language of China. Mandarin is widely spoken not just in China and Taiwan but also in South Asian nations including Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. The second-largest economy in the world and a trade partner for many nations makes Mandarin Chinese a challenging language to learn, but it is the ideal one to master for business. 


The best approach to learn other Asian languages is through the Japanese language. The Japanese and Chinese languages share a large number of vocabulary since they both emerged from the same source. The pronunciation of Japanese is also easier than that of Chinese and Korean. Therefore, for novices, it might be a terrific place to start. With little effort, learning Japanese may improve your understanding of Japanese video games, anime, and movies. Learning Japanese, meanwhile, exposes you to a whole new universe of concepts and material that differs greatly from western society. 


The people of India are modest and delighted to welcome you as a visitor, and they have an unique culture. When visiting India, it is one of the greatest languages to learn. Hindi is without a doubt one of the most important languages to learn, having some of the greatest populations of speakers worldwide. Similar to other languages, the strength of the language’s origins on a worldwide scale should motivate you to study it rather than merely its overwhelming number of speakers. As the language most often spoken in India, Hindi, which makes up a significant portion of the global economy today, is the one to study. 


Along with English, French is one of the few languages that is spoken in all 68 nations and on all five continents. Speaking French well expands your work options in the global labor market. Along with being the official language of several international tribunals, French is also the language of many international organizations, including the European Union, UNESCO, the International Olympic Committee, and the International Red Cross. Knowing French can also help you better comprehend the origins of the English language, as many terms in English have French roots. 


In terms of usage, it is among the top five languages in the world. Additionally, it is one of the six working languages of the UN and the official language of 21 nations worldwide. Spanish is the greatest language to learn when travelling since there are more native speakers of it than there are of English. Learning Spanish will improve your travels and help you connect with people. It’s also not a difficult second language to pick up. Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, and learning Spanish will increase your options to travel, interact with people, work, and experience other cultures. 


The fifth most widely used language worldwide is Portuguese. Additionally, ten nations and regions as well as numerous international organizations like the African Union and the European Union all have it as their official language. Learning Portuguese may therefore lead to high chances across industries including commerce, diplomacy, publishing, etc. Not to mention that learning it is simple, particularly if you already speak Spanish. You may even consider studying them jointly! 


It is one of the greatest languages to learn when visiting the European continent because it is the most widely spoken language there. Germany, a large industrial nation, has several institutions with highly developed linked professions, making it one of the world’s most advanced nations in terms of mechanical engineering technology. Additionally, German higher education is free for international students, allowing a large number of people to study and work there. Additionally, because German and English are both Germanic languages, identical letter combinations can be found in words with the same meaning, which facilitates learning German. 


It is the 18th most popular language globally. As Korea continues to have a heavy influence globally, both politically and culturally, the language will only grow in importance. Korean is also known to be much easier to learn than Chinese. The logical approach to written Korean makes the language one of the easiest to learn to write in. Beyond the cultural importance of K-pop and other Korean entertainment, some of the largest companies in the world are based in South Korea. A basic understanding of the language will certainly come in handy for those looking to improve their value in the workplace or potentially find a job overseas. 

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