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How to Create a Secure and Effective Digital Workplace

How to Create a Secure an Effective Digital Workplace
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Digital workspaces are now used by most businesses to run many operating systems and core business applications. The widespread usage of the digital workplace makes it even more important to create a safe and effective space.

Creating a secure and effective digital workplace

In order to understand how to create a safe and effective workspace, we need to understand the challenges of a digital workplace. Here are the major roadblocks and how they can be addressed to create an efficient and secure workplace.

Focusing on security

Not many organizations can confidently say that they’re prepared to handle a sophisticated cyberattack. With the increase in technological advancements, the means and chances of cyberattacks have also increased. The need to build a secure workplace is now more than ever. Use systems that have security features like best-in-class encryption, firewall protection, security audits and compliance with the latest security standards to protect your data and privacy. Also, focus on training employees on cybersecurity as most cyberattacks are targeted at employees and depend on human error. Train your employees to identify potential threats and report them.

Inefficiencies with employee portals

Inefficiencies with employee portals can be managed with the latest digital workplace technologies. One such way is to establish an intuitively categorized central information hub. It can help answer questions from employees before going to the management. Another great way is to get automated answers to FAQs using AI chatbots. You can also take employee surveys to understand the needs and wants of the employees.

Technology isn’t intuitive

The technology being used right now is not very user-friendly. There is a lot of unnecessary confusion caused by various systems operating differently and requiring different long credentials. A great solution to end this confusion is to adopt Single Sign-On and minimize the number of login credentials required by a single person. It acts as a single portal for employees to get access to all authorized systems in the company. It is best to adopt easy-to-use systems that employees can learn fast and use for maximum benefits.

Challenge with distributed workforces

Workforces in businesses are distributed across locations, departments and teams which makes it challenging to communicate and collaborate effectively. This challenge can be managed by using real-time mobile communication. This technology enables employees to connect with each other and the management in real time. It generates trust across the organization and helps balance control by management.

Problems engaging with the traditional communication methods

Traditional communication methods are more about sharing information from top to down and not really communicating both ways. It can lead to a disconnect and employees may feel hesitant to share their ideas and concerns. The best way to promote communication and improve employee satisfaction and experience is to adopt two-way messaging in the internal communication strategy. Open communication lets everyone get involved and employees feel seen and heard. This helps improve collaboration, productivity and overall employee experience.

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