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How Travel and Hospitality Companies Can Improve Customer Experience

How Travel and Hospitality Companies Can Improve Customer Experience
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Today, more than ever, companies prioritize customer experience and go beyond their ways to deliver improved customer service and engage with their customers better. Travel and hospitality companies are adopting various solutions, strategies, and technologies to achieve this goal. Building a stronger customer happiness rating requires travel and hospitality companies to engage with their customers and optimize the data to dive deeper into their given feedback.

For the continuous development of hospitality companies, it becomes imperative to gain a competitive advantage over competitors by considering the major factors that help them improve customer experience.

Let us discuss a few effective ways in which you can also enhance your customer experience and offer improved services.

Implementing location solutions

Companies such as Conde Nast, Airbnb, Hilton, and other travel and hospitality companies are empowering their hotel management by deploying cloud-native location solutions. These highly smart solutions help them create memorable location-based experiences that give deeper insights into understanding customers’ feedback and improving brand loyalty.

It also helps hoteliers and travel companies to fill the gap in POI (point-of-interest) data and enables travelers to find your location more easily based on different categories. These solutions also suggest nearby restaurants, hotels, pubs, and other popular tourist spots with the help of interactive maps that your customers might be interested in.

Customized and personalized marketing campaigns

With the help of cloud-native location solutions, which we discussed above, you can get an extensively detailed collection of data and algorithms based on the customers’ experiences and other information. This data will help you distribute the marketing campaigns based on categories such as customers’ interests, browsing habits, geographical locations, demographics, etc., targeting specific customers.

Optimizing smart gadgets

Many hotels are harnessing the power of smart gadgets such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), lighting and climate control, MP3 docking stations, and a lot more such technologies that elevate customer experience. Smart speakers such as Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, Google Home, etc., are revolutionizing the way we communicate with devices. Your customers will find it easier to look for the right information and to have a comfortable and convenient stay.

Content uploaded by customers

When your hospitality and hotel management are enhanced, you will find it easier and more comfortable to check with your customers to share their experiences online. Give them the power to post pictures, information, and their experiences during their stay at your hotel and post them on social media. This will generate unique value for your brand as your potential customers might also find your hospitality appealing. You can allow your existing customers to upload their experiences on your website testimonials page as well.

Virtual reality

Power up your hotel management with virtual reality such as a 360-degree virtual tour of your premises that showcases a detailed view. VR headsets enable the customers to feel the ambiance, amenities, and environments of the hotels and decide whether that’s where they want to enjoy their upcoming holiday.

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