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How You Can Recognize Your Employee ‘Fatigue’

How You Can Recognize Your Employee ‘Fatigue'
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When this pandemic got started, almost everyone has been forced to work from office to home. While working from home we all get tired at a time, which we can be relieved by sleep or rest. 

But fatigue is much more than that. 

Fatigue is when tiredness increases and is not relieved by either sleeping or rest. It affects someone’s life or even their performance at work. 

There are different types of fatigue and different people get it differently. In your organization also different people may be affected by different types of fatigue which can cause stress in your team. Here you can help your employees to take steps and resolve their stress and reach their potential.  

Social Fatigue

This is fatigue you get when you meet a person and speak to that person for hours. Fatigue may also occur after speaking in person, especially when you are going out or traveling, which requires more energy. Another social fatigue issue can happen while speaking on phone calls especially to those who are not tech-savvy. Having a video conferencing meeting can also make some people tired and stressed, but know they may get used to it over the past 12 months. 

Using social media, replying to text messages or comments on social media can also make a person feel fatigued. So, these types of social fatigue can make you stressed, overwhelmed which affects your energy levels. 

Emotional Fatigue

Emotional fatigue we face when we feel bad, sadness, depression, anger, or frustration for a long time. It’s like that when we cry a lot our yes hurts afterward. Anger affects our body so much as it uses so much energy to express anger and such feelings and it can leave us feeling a lack of energy. Emotional fatigue is experienced when we face lots of major life changes such as bereavement or loss, as well as relationship breakups.

Mental Fatigue

This we will feel by using a lot of mental energy. Examples: doing hard work, solving puzzles, playing complex games, and answering difficult queries. Handling difficult or challenging work at the office, for instance solving bigger business deals, dealing with employees’ problems can make you mentally exhausted. After this type of mental fatigue, you may experience more cognitive symptoms such as brain fog. People may face difficulty switching off and so they can’t sleep which increases their mental fatigue even more. 

Video Conferencing Fatigue

In this pandemic, we are working online and for organization-based discussion, different organizations are using different video conferencing tools. Yet many people are crying out to face-to-face interaction but got tired of the increased use of video chat. Many employees have experienced facing people and attending several meetings in the office but in the office there were also attending the meeting, chatting with friends, and interacting again with different people in between. But on video conferencing always gazing down at the camera can make us uncomfortable and tired. Without breaks, we got video conferencing fatigue and can’t focus on the work on video conferences. 

Help your employees to tackle fatigue

Encourage your staff to seek medical help which is important for their physical as well as mental health to cure their fatigues. But those who are suffering from another type of fatigues can follow these steps.

Validate Feelings

Sometimes it’s okay not to be okay. But our feeling does not detect the reality, being lonely, doesn’t mean that you are alone. 

Manage the problem

Encourage the individual to be positive and think positive, and then try to find out the cause of issues that are causing them stress and fatigue is different always. 

Stay Connected

It means to be connected with your loved ones for instance your family and friends through calls, messages, or in-person meetings where possible. Suggest senior managers talk about some other stuff sometimes and encourage colleagues to connect rather than just be in the work meeting always. 

Now more that this always takes care of yourself. Give yourself the treats you love cause we all need self-love more. Care for ourselves is the thing we need to focus and we also need to focus on other’s help. Think about how you can assure your employees that their organization is there for them always. 

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