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Peek Into Asia’s Best Fine-Dining Restaurants

Peek Into Asia’s Best Fine-Dining Restaurants
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Asia’s top chefs and restaurant owners are eager to share their hyper-seasonal creations with the world’s food community more, as the hospitality sector begins to recover after the pandemic.  

Three separate events in Bangkok, Macau, and Tokyo gathered chefs, restaurateurs, industry VIPs, and the media to commemorate the best 50 cooks in Asia. William Drew, Director of Content for Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, says, “In its 10th year, Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants proudly continues the tradition of rewarding culinary excellence and guiding diners to the most unique gastronomic experiences across the continent.” 

Here’s a sneak peek into Asia’s best fine-dining restaurants.  

Sorn – Bangkok 

Supaksorn Jongsiri, the head chef of Sorn, was greatly influenced by his grandmother’s love of southern Thai food. His current menu not only showcases the cultural richness of the South and is bursting with flavor, but it also introduces a novel aspect to Thai cuisine by serving each item at the proper temperature. If you manage to get a reservation at Sorn, you can count on receiving one-of-a-kind service that’s difficult to find anywhere else. The staff is carefully trained to enchant customers by sharing the memories and vision of Jongsiri that inspired each meal. 

Sühring – Bangkok 

The Sühring brothers Thomas and Mathias opened a restaurant that is more akin to a residence with a variety of dining rooms in the center of Bangkok, tucked away in a peaceful environment. With a lot of international expertise to their credit, the pair set out to reinvent traditional German food to the level of haute cuisine. The couple includes crayfish, blue lobster, and butternut squash on the menu because there is an abundance of fresh produce and seafood at their doorstep. Visitors can anticipate a laid-back yet elegant experience in a 1970s villa with a lush garden and an open kitchen where guests can watch the cooks create their dishes. 

The Chairman – Hong Kong 

The Chairman is the first eatery in Hong Kong to receive the honor of being “The Best Restaurant in Asia.” The menu is modern, traditional and locally sourced. Seasonal ingredients are crucial to preserving the legacy of Cantonese cuisine. The restaurant serves rare delicacies from southern China. This includes 20-year-old pickled lemon, sugar-roasted chrysanthemum and mini water crabs are procured from the most remote villages in China. Steamed flowering crab coupled with Chinese wine, clam juice, and flat rice noodles is unquestionably a favorite. 

Odette – Singapore 

Odette – at Singapore’s National Gallery, continues being on the list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. It is an ideal place to savor contemporary French cuisine in a setting that embodies true hospitality. The restaurant has also won the highly coveted Gin Mare Art of Hospitality Award. Boutique suppliers source the best ingredients from around the world, to create signature dishes with care. 

Florilège – Tokyo 

If you’re looking for a unique experience, Florilège is probably going to catch your attention. For diners seeking a more transparent sensory experience, Chef Hiroyasu Kawate offers his inventive French cuisine for diners. Kawate’s dishes have a distinctly Japanese flavor because of local and seasonal ingredients. The restaurant specializes in creating meals using advanced methods and serving them on plates and bowls with a Japanese aesthetic.

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